…one of rock’s most astute singer-songwriters of the
last 40 years
~ Los Angeles Times ~

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Discography (Promo CDs)

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CD:Terms Of My Surrender
Terms Of My Surrender
released 2014
  1. Long Time Comin'
  2. Face Of God
  3. Marlene
  4. Wind Don't Have to Hurry
  5. Nobody Knew His Name
  6. Baby's Gonna Kick
  7. Nothing I Love
  8. Terms of My Surrender
  9. Here to Stay
  10. Old People
  11. Come Back Home
CD:Mystic Pinball
Mystic Pinball
released 2012
  1. We're Alright Now
  2. Bite Marks
  3. It All Comes Back Someday
  4. Wood Chipper
  5. My Business
  6. I Just Don't Know What To Say
  7. I Know How To Lose You
  8. You're All The Reason I Need
  9. One Of Them Damn Days
  10. No Wicked Grin
  11. Give It Up
  12. Blues Can't Even Find Me

CD:Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns
Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns
released 2011
  1. Damn This Town
  2. Til I Get My Lovin' Back
  3. I Love That Girl
  4. All The Way Under
  5. Don't Wanna Leave You Now
  6. Detroit Made
  7. Hold On For Your Love
  8. Train To Birmingham
  9. Down Around My Place
  10. Adios To California
  11. When New York Had Her Heart Broke
CD:The Open Road
The Open Road
released 2010
  1. The Open Road
  2. Haulin'
  3. Go Down Swingin'
  4. Like A Freight Train
  5. My Baby
  6. Homeland
  7. Wonder Of Love
  8. What Kind Of Man
  9. Movin' On
  10. Fireball Roberts
  11. Carry You Back Home

CD:Same Old Man
Same Old Man
released 2008
  1. Old Days
  2. Love You Again
  3. On With You
  4. Hurt My Baby
  5. What Love Can Do
  6. Ride My Pony
  7. Cherry Red
  8. Our Time
  9. Two Hearts
  10. Same Old Man
  11. Let's Give This Love A Try
CD:In His Own Words
In His Own Words
released 2008
  1. Old Days (solo acoustic)
  2. Love You Again (solo acoustic)
  3. Lipstick Sunset (solo acoustic)
  4. Same Old Man (solo acoustic)

CD:Beneath This Gruff Exterior
Beneath This Gruff Exterior
released 2003
  1. Uncommon Connection
  2. How Bad's The Coffee
  3. Nagging Dark
  4. My Baby Blue
  5. My Dog And Me
  6. Almost Fed Up With The Blues
  7. Circle Back
  8. Window On The World
  9. Missing Place
  10. Fly Back Home
  11. The Last Time
  12. The Most Unoriginal Sin
CD:Beneath This Gruff Exterior (Bonus CD)
Beneath This Gruff Exterior (Bonus CD)
released 2003
  1. Uncommon Connection
  2. Missing Pieces
  3. Almost Fed Up With The Blues

CD:Hangin' With Hiatt
Hangin' With Hiatt
released 2003
  1. Intro
  2. Uncommon Connection
  3. How Bad's The Coffee
  4. Perfectly Good Guitar
  5. Missing Pieces
  6. Drive South
  7. My Baby Blue
  8. Crossing Muddy Waters
  9. Your Dad Did
  10. Lipstick Sunset
CD:The Tiki Bar Is Open
The Tiki Bar Is Open
released 2001
  1. Everybody Went Low
  2. Hangin' Round Here
  3. All The Lilacs In Ohio
  4. My Old Friend
  5. I Know A Place
  6. Something Broken
  7. Rock Of Your Love
  8. I'll Never Get Over You
  9. The Tiki Bar Is Open
  10. Come Home To You
  11. Farther Stars

CD:My Old Friend
My Old Friend
released 2001
  1. My Old Friend
CD:Inside The Tiki Bar
Inside The Tiki Bar
released 2001

    CD:Everybody Went Low
    Everybody Went Low
    released 2001
    1. Everybody Went Low
    CD:USA Songs from JH
    USA Songs from JH
    released 2001
    1. Riding With The King
    2. Have A Little Faith In Me 1998
    3. Have A Little Faith In Me 1987
    4. Have A Little Faith In Me
    5. Have A Little Faith In Me
    6. Angel Eyes
    7. Alright Tonight
    8. Confidence Man
    9. Thing Called Love
    10. Drive South
    11. Feels Like Rain
    12. Cry Love
    13. Icy Blue Heart
    14. Little Head
    15. Lovers Will
    16. No Business
    17. Through Your Hands

    CD:Let It Slip Away
    Let It Slip Away
    released 2000
    1. Let It Slip Away
    2. Let It Slip Away
    CD:Lift Up Every Stone
    Lift Up Every Stone
    released 2000
    1. Lift Up Every Stone (Drum Remix)
    2. Lift Up Every Stone (CD version)
    3. Crossing Muddy Waters (Live Bonus Track)

    CD:Crossing Muddy Waters
    Crossing Muddy Waters
    released 2000
    1. Lincoln Town
    2. Crossing Muddy Waters
    3. What Do We Do Now
    4. Only The Songs Survives
    5. Lift Up Every Stone
    6. Take It Down
    7. Gone
    8. Take It Back
    9. Mr. Stanley
    10. God's Golden Eyes
    11. Before I Go
    CD:Before I Go
    Before I Go
    released 2000
    1. Before I Go

    CD:Pirate Radio
    Pirate Radio
    released 1997
    1. Pirate Radio
    2. Sure Pinocchio
    3. Woman Sawed In Half
    CD:Shredding The Document
    Shredding The Document
    released 1996
    1. Shredding The Document (edit)
    2. The Other Side
    3. Cry Love (live, for WXRT FM)
    4. Walk On (live, for WXRT FM)

    CD:Selections From The Album Walk On
    Selections From The Album Walk On
    released 1995
    1. Cry Love
    2. You Must Go
    3. Walk On
    4. Thing Called Love (Live Acoustic)
    5. John Hiatt Interview
    CD:There's More Beyond Words
    There's More Beyond Words
    released 1995
    1. Through Your Hands (live)
    2. True Believer

    CD:Dust Down A Country Road
    Dust Down A Country Road
    released 1995
    1. Dust Down A Country Road
    CD:Beyond Words
    Beyond Words
    released 1993
    1. Feels Like Rain (live)
    2. Blue Telescope

    CD:Cross My Fingers
    Cross My Fingers
    released 1993
    1. Cross My Fingers (LP version)
    2. True Believer
    3. Cross My Fingers (Live)
    CD:Live At The Hiatt
    Live At The Hiatt
    released 1993
    1. Through Your Hands
    2. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
    3. Loving A Hurricane
    4. When You Hold Me Tight
    5. I Don't Even Try
    6. Feels Like Rain
    7. Something Wild
    8. Perfectly Good Guitar
    9. Slow Turning
    10. Lipstick Sunset

    CD:Solar Sex Panel
    Solar Sex Panel
    released 1992
    1. Solar Sex Panel
    2. The Action
    CD:She Runs Hot
    She Runs Hot
    released 1992
    1. She Runs Hot

    CD:Live At The Palace
    Live At The Palace
    released 1991
    1. Real Fine Love
    2. Your Dad Did
    3. Lipstick Sunset
    4. Rock Back Billy
    5. Slow Turning
    CD:Bring Back Your Love To Me
    Bring Back Your Love To Me
    released 1990
    1. Bring Back Your Love To Me

    CD:The Rest Of The Dream
    The Rest Of The Dream
    released 1990
    1. The Rest Of The Dream
    2. The Rest Of The Dream (LP version)
    CD:Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
    Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder
    released 1990
    1. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder

    CD:Riot With Hiatt - Live Bootleg
    Riot With Hiatt - Live Bootleg
    released 1985
    1. Say It With Flowers
    2. I Don't Even Try
    3. Pink Bedroom
    4. She Said The Same Things To Me
    5. Warming Up To The Ice Age
    6. Living A Little, Laughing A Little
    7. I'm A Real Man
    8. The Usual
    9. Riding With The King
    10. Zero House
    11. When We Ran
    12. Everybody's Girl
    CD:I Look For Love
    I Look For Love
    released 1982
    1. I Look For Love
    2. Take Time To Know Her