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A Soulful Sound
Post # 83
20.08.2012 | 20:41
Hi. I recently took some photos of John at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

Hope you enjoy them! set= a.275563939215637.54058.264448910327 140&type=3



Great shots, much appreciated, thank you!
Juergen smile
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Thomas Brenner
Post # 82
05.11.2010 | 16:47
Thank you for a wonderful concert last night in Munich - great to see you again in best condition after 10 years. The band was superb and you did a fantastic job.
I have the honour to perform some of your songs with our band in our southern germany region - and I?m glad that we brought some people to the original artist in this way!
Keep up the good work and thanks again for giving us tons of good music over the years!

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Thomas Pfützenreuter
Post # 81
04.11.2010 | 17:18
Gestern Abend John and his Combo live im Stollwerk in Köln. Es war einfach nur ein OBERHAMMER Konzert! Er hat gerockt wie schon seit langen nicht mehr. Bin immer noch ganz hin und weg! War cool den Gig mit Jürgen, Gudi, Ecki, Edgar und Co. zusammen genießen zu dürfen! Bilder folgen!smileglasseskiss
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