John Hiatt - Demos I (1983-1985)

unreleased demos!

© by John Hiatt

Liner Notes

John Hiatt - Demos 1983-1985 - unknown cassette > cdr(0) > eac > cd wave > flac

This period of Hiatt's life was incredibly fruitful, musically. His divorce, getting dropped by his label, birth of his daughter, and wife's suicide yielded a crop of songs that fans still marvel over, to this day. This stuff ('Bug' was his publishing co.) made fans out of many people--that Hiatt, like savant Bruce, could have so many great songs that he never touched after the demos. Also, other artists noticed: Nick Lowe, Marshall Crenshaw, and Jeff Healey all covered songs here. This crop was mostly mined for the first two A&M lps and the first Bring The Family acoustic tour, but he resurrected #5 for the Perfectly Good Guitar tour and went back to #14 when he put out a best of after that!

Come see what all the fuss was about, especially if you're not a Hiatt fan! The songs are pretty much evenly split between solo recordings and with a backing band.

ALSO: This stuff exists in better quality, as you'll see when I put up part two. PLEASE--if you have better quality, put it up or PM me. I shamelessly admit that this torrent has an ulterior motive.

btw, this will not fit on one cd. If you want, save #21 and stick it at the end of part two of the Bug demos when I get to it (soon!).

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